Wheel On The Bus Cancelled

Dear Wheels on the Bus Attendee,

With much sadness and aggravation we are canceling the Wheels on the Bus tour scheduled for April 8th. One of the two sites just pulled out of the tour, this unforeseen situation is out of our control.  A heroic effort was made by the committee but we were unable to locate another site that meets the criteria of NAEYC accreditation and/or Gold Star Rating that would work with our first site in such a limited time. Wheels on the Bus has been one of our highlighted events at GoAEYC for over ten years and we do not take cancelling lightly. This is the first time we’ve ever had to cancel an event.  We apologize for the inconvenience and especially for letting you down.  We will continue to plan Wheels on the Bus for the future and welcome suggestions of sites for tours as well as committee volunteers.

Thank you for your understanding.

GoAEYC Wheels on the Bus Committee